Curry Classics

Dhansak Dishes
Sweet and sour dish with lentils being the
dominant ingredient
Curry Dishes
Medium strength cooked in a variety of spices
Korma Dishes
From Delhi: Delicately spiced in a special
mild and creamy sauce
Saag Dishes
From Punjab: Made into a earthly curry with
spinach in a dry curry sauce.
Pathia Dishes
Cooked with hot spices, tomato puree and special spices
to produce a hot sweet and tangy taste.
Madras Dishes
From south India: Hot curry with garlic,
coriander and tomato puree.
Bhuna Dishes
From Sylhet: A dry distinctive medium curry,
balanced spices and herbs.
Dopiaza Dishes
From Bengal: A medium quantity of onions,
seasoned and freshly treated with dozens of
spices and herbs. Medium to hot taste.
Jalfrezi Dishes
A well spiced hot dish consisting of onions,
peppers, green chillies and hint of ginger.
Roghan Dishes
From north India: Specially prepared with
pimento and garlic, garnished with
tomato. Medium
Vindaloo Dishes
Extremely hot curry made with herbs and spices
74. Chicken or Lamb £6.50
75. Prawn £6.95
76. Chicken or Lamb Tikka £6.95
77. King Prawn £9.95
78. Mix Chicken, Lamb and Prawn £6.95
79. Vegetarian £5.5