House Specialities

34. Little India Special Deluxe £7.95
A very special dish with its own distinctive flavour and various spices,
cooked with combination of lamb tikka, chicken tikka,
tandoori chicken on the bone, sheek kebab and a boiled egg. With a
medium strength bhoona sauce.
35. North Indian Garlic Chilli £6.95
Hot and spicy to taste steam cooked in a chilli garlic sauce,
and garnished with fresh coriander.
36. Massala (Chicken or lamb tikka) £7.50
Sweet dish cooked with a whole variety of herbs and spices to
give a rich yet mild flavoursome dish.
37. Zul Zula (Chicken or lamb tikka) £7.50
Barbecued chicken or lamb mixed in yoghurt & garlic,
mixed with zui zula sauce & served on a sizzler with green
peppers. This is a nice flavoured dish - mildly spiced
38. Lamb Dhal Kubulier Special £6.95
Lamb steak cooked with lentils & fresh green pepper.
Barbecued & marinated with the chefs special ‘secret’ sauce.
The chef recommends this dish for all ‘curry lovers’
39. Murghi Massala £6.95
Boneless tandoori chicken, cooked with minced
meat, boiled egg in a spicy medium hot sauce.
40. Tandoori Chicken Chana Palak £6.95
Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken, cooked with soft
chickpeas and spinach with fresh coriander.
41. Mango Delight (Chicken or lamb tikka) £6.95
Exotic mild chicken or lamb tikka dish, cooked in chefs own
mild sauce, containing almonds, cream and mango.
Very exquisite dish for those who love mild dishes.
42. Bengal Butter Chicken £7.95
Tandoori grilled lean breast chicken tikka, cooked in carefully
selected mild sauce, nuts, and coconut cream and topped with
a special butter sauce. A very mild dish.
43. Chicken Kalia Special £6.95
Fresh chicken without any spices, just mixed with fresh garlic
sauce then cooked with a combination of spices. Served in a Bengal
style - Fairly hot. This dish is highly recommended
44. Delhi Chana £6.95
Chicken or Lamb cooked with chick peas. lemon juice, fresh
ginger and various spices, A semi, dry medium strength
45. Tenga Tatoi £7.50
Chicken or lamb cooked with tamarind and spiced mango, a touch of
fresh garlic and dry chilli cooked in medium to fairly hot and
sour sauce. This dish is found in the South and North of Bengal,
can also be cooked with duck or king prawn.
46. Aloo Daan £6.95
Pieces of chicken tikka, cooked with mince lamb and roast
potatoes in a bhoona style dish. Mildly Spiced.
47. Bombay Tawa (New) £6.95
Marinated chicken or lamb tikka cooked with red pepper,
green pepper, onions, fresh coriander, bay leafs & naga pickle in a chef ’s
special spicy sauce. Served in a tawa. Ask for medium.
48. Mishti Milli Jhaal 36.95
Combination of chicken tikka lamb tikka & strips of tandoori
chicken, cooked in a sweet chilli sauce. With onions, peppers &
tomatoes, garnished with coriander & dry chilli.
49. Chicken or Lamb Pasanda £6.95
Tender pieces of chicken or lamb, marinated
with spices, cooked with cream & herbs