Samunder Ki Daulat Seafood Specialities

50. Tandoori Jhinga Massala £10.95
Tandoori King Prawns, cooked in a special
massala sauce with herbs & spices.
51. Mahi Tikka £9.95
Salmon marinated with herbs and spices then barbecued in
a clay oven. Served on a bed of spiced potatoes and cauliflower.
52. Monk Chingree Brinjal £9.95
Prime cuts of monk fish, mingled with spicy
prawns and smoked aubergine.
53. Cox Bazari £9.95
King Prawn cooked with green chillies, garlic
bay leaves, and fresh ground spices in a thick hot sauce
54. Roshon Ki Salmon £9.95
Grilled Salmon steak cooked in fresh spices with tomatoes,
onion and coriander, garnished with fresh grilled garlic cloves
55. Jhaal - Jul - Jhinga £9.95
Tandoori marinated King prawns cooked
with yogurt, green chillies and fresh herbs
56. Goan Fish Curry £9.95
Pan fried fish fillet cooked in a slightly hot sauce
57. Bombay King Prawn (New) £9.95
Marinated king prawn cooked with potatoes,
spinach, onions, red pepper, green pepper & fresh
coriander, medium sauce. (Request for hot).
Samunder Ki Daulat
Seafood Specialities
Fish dishes may contain traces of bones All the above dishes are cooked with tomato & coriander.
Excludes tandoori jhinga massala